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Article: Your Ultimate Last Minute Racing Fashion Guide

Your Ultimate Last Minute Racing Fashion Guide

Your Ultimate Last Minute Racing Fashion Guide

How many times have you purchased an outfit for spring racing, only to wear it the once and then put to the back of your wardrobe and the hat or fascinator in the box for the top shelf?

With this in mind, this year I designed our spring racing with items you can wear to the races, then incorporate back into your wardrobe. Our spring collection is full of mix and match items for effortless style. And they are all items you can wear forever, many with different ways to wear them.

The Abigail or Isabelle Blazer Dresses can be worn as a dress or blazer, or over our Victoria Pants to the races, styled with a camisole or throw one of our Isa Crop Jackets over the Isabelle dress for a quick and easy style. Then you can wear casually later over jeans, or team with the gorgeous Athena Short like gorgeous Ali below for all your events.

We also have gorgeous crowns and hats for you to wear to the races, but not put into a box later on, styles you can wear again and again.

Happy racing….enjoy.