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Apollo Hoop Earring - Silver
Sold outApollo Hoop Earring - Gold
Gigi Tassel Earrings - Silver with Gold
Edgy Longline Rubber Necklace - Black
Gigi Glamour Earring - BlackGigi Glamour Earring - Black
Sold outKitte Vendetta Earrings - GoldKitte Vendetta Earrings - Gold
Essence Necklace - Black and Silver
Kitte Folio Earrings - GoldKitte Folio Earrings - Gold
Kitte Folio Earrings - Gold Sale price$149.00
Kitte Folio Earrings - SilverKitte Folio Earrings - Silver
Kitte Enterprise Earrings - SilverKitte Enterprise Earrings - Silver
Kitte Enterprise Earrings - GoldKitte Enterprise Earrings - Gold
Kitte Editorial Earrings - SilverKitte Editorial Earrings - Silver
Kitte Column Earrings - SilverKitte Column Earrings - Silver
Kitte Column Earrings - GoldKitte Column Earrings - Gold
Portia NecklacePortia Necklace
Portia Necklace Sale price$59.95
Essence Necklace - Gold and SilverEssence Necklace - Gold and Silver
Small Black Drop Earring  - Black & Gold
Sold outMedium Black Drop Earring  - Black & Gold
Sold outLarge Black Drop Earring  - Black & Gold
Gigi Glamour Earring - SilverGigi Glamour Earring - Silver
Mickelloo Large Luxury Leaf Earring - Black Sparkle
Mickelloo Medium Round Earring - Rust
Mickelloo Medium Round Earring - Gold
Mickelloo Small Round Earring - Rust
Mickelloo Small Round Earring - Black Sequin
Mickelloo Small Round Earring - Black
Mickelloo Small Round Earring - Rose Gold
Gigi Tassel Earrings - Emerald
Black Chain Earring - Matte BlackBlack Chain Earring - Matte Black
Gigi Tassel Earrings - Blue
Jupiter Long Necklace - Blue GemJupiter Long Necklace - Blue Gem
Sold outKitte Balance Necklace - GoldKitte Balance Necklace - Gold
Kitte Bambu Earrings - SilverKitte Bambu Earrings - Silver
Ciroq Earring - Silver
Ciroq Earring - Silver Sale price$39.95
Opal Earring - Silver
Opal Earring - Silver Sale price$39.95
Presley Earring - Green
Presley Earring - Green Sale price$39.95
Pendant Earring - GoldPendant Earring - Gold
Pendant Earring - Gold Sale price$39.95
Quintessential Earring - Pink
Angel Earring - SilverAngel Earring - Silver
Angel Earring - Silver Sale price$39.95
Zariah Earring - BlackZariah Earring - Black
Zariah Earring - Black Sale price$39.95
Electra Drop Earrings - Black and GoldElectra Drop Earrings - Black and Gold
Kitte Bond Necklace - SilverKitte Bond Necklace - Silver
Kitte Bond Necklace - GoldKitte Bond Necklace - Gold
Kitte Bond Necklace - Gold Sale price$149.00