Cazinc The Label is a Melbourne born designer label that satisfies the modern woman's needs of having a functional, yet stylish wardrobe. Launched in 2018, Founder Caz Rowland set out to design useful, wearable wardrobes that create planning for easy to wear styles a breeze. The Label demonstrates a calming alternative for busy women to find versatile clothing, designed to last.

This is the kind of thought-out problem-solving attitude CTL's clients seek out in the brand, and this is what we cater for. CTL has shifted the design needle to form a useful, functional direction, so clients now have the problem of having too much choice, rather than a wardrobe full of clothes... yet nothing to wear!

CTL collections are timeless yet read like a checklist of the season's trends that take you from casual to work, events and weekends with minimal effort.

CTL makes fashion seem easy, inclusive and fun. The Label makes sense of the complications that come with choosing clothing for your body type but does so without imperious uniformity.

Proudly in support of ethical standards and practices, CTL takes a strong stance against fast fashion brands and has localised the process of designing and creating clothing out of good-quality breathable fabrics. CTL makes every effort to ensure they are continuously finding solutions for more sustainable approaches to fashion design.