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Article: How Our Label Is Made With Ethical Standards

How Our Label Is Made With Ethical Standards
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How Our Label Is Made With Ethical Standards

Since starting the blog in 2017, I have written about slave labour in the fast-fashion industry. Fast-fashion is not only destroying lives but our planet with items that are made to be only worn a couple of times then end up in a landfill.

I am pleased to say at Cazinc The Label; sustainability is high on our value list. We make quality, timeless clothing, encourage women to buy quality over quantity and use ethical factories which look after their workers.

CTL is proud to announce we have won the 2021 Ethical Label Of The Year Award.

The Australian company we work with have a personal long term relationship with their factories, and it's workers.

  • Our workers are all in local Labour Unions and have every regular workers right available to them with the full support of their unions.

  • They work 8 hours a day with a 2-hour lunch/home break in between.

  • They can choose to work overtime if the work is there which they get paid double the national minimum overtime rate

  • We do not supply living quarters for our staff as most of our workers own their own homes nearby. For those that have not reached that level yet, we provide living subsidies for them till then. We encourage them to work towards owning their own home.

  • Our factory is based in Shenzhen, 20 minutes from an International airport and all of our workers come from the surrounding area.

  • Our youngest staff member is 24 years of age, named Daniel, and he is one of the managers.

We hope you enjoy knowing where and how your clothes are made, knowing people are happy to make them.