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Moss Velvet Dress - BlackMoss Velvet Dress - Black
Moss Velvet Dress - Black Sale price$299.00
Alba Stretch Velvet Dress - EmeraldAlba Stretch Velvet Dress - Emerald
Alba Stretch Velvet Dress - MerlotAlba Stretch Velvet Dress - Merlot
Grace Drape Dress - BlackGrace Drape Dress - Black
Grace Drape Dress - Black Sale price$299.00
Natalie Embellished Dress - BlackNatalie Embellished Dress - Black
Bridgette A-Line Satin Top - BlackBridgette A-Line Satin Top - Black
Bridgette Metallic Pencil Stretch Skirt - BlackBridgette Metallic Pencil Stretch Skirt - Black
Alessandra Stretch Velvet Blazer - BlackAlessandra Stretch Velvet Blazer - Black
Alessandra Stretch Velvet Pants - BlackAlessandra Stretch Velvet Pants - Black
Alessandra Capri Stretch Velvet Pants - BlackAlessandra Capri Stretch Velvet Pants - Black
Bardot Velvet Dress - BlackBardot Velvet Dress - Black
Bardot Metallic Dress - BlueBardot Metallic Dress - Blue
Bardot Metallic Dress - BlackBardot Metallic Dress - Black
Vivienne Velvet Dress - BlackVivienne Velvet Dress - Black
Vivienne Metallic Dress - BlueVivienne Metallic Dress - Blue
Vivienne Metallic Dress - BlackVivienne Metallic Dress - Black
Bette Metallic Top - BlueBette Metallic Top - Blue
Bette Metallic Top - BlackBette Metallic Top - Black
Donatella Tulle/Faux Leather Skirt - BlackDonatella Tulle/Faux Leather Skirt - Black
Elsa Sequin Singlet - BlackElsa Sequin Singlet - Black
Elsa Sequin Singlet - Black Sale price$149.00
Belle Stretch Velvet Dress - EmeraldBelle Stretch Velvet Dress - Emerald
Belle Stretch Velvet Dress - MerlotBelle Stretch Velvet Dress - Merlot
Celine Oversized Satin Top - BlackCeline Oversized Satin Top - Black
Celine Oversized Satin Top - EmeraldCeline Oversized Satin Top - Emerald
Alessandra Stretch Velvet Blazer - MerlotAlessandra Stretch Velvet Blazer - Merlot
Alessandra Stretch Velvet Blazer - EmeraldAlessandra Stretch Velvet Blazer - Emerald
Alessandra Stretch Velvet Pants - EmeraldAlessandra Stretch Velvet Pants - Emerald
Alessandra Stretch Velvet Pants - MerlotAlessandra Stretch Velvet Pants - Merlot
Alessandra Capri Stretch Velvet Pants - MerlotAlessandra Capri Stretch Velvet Pants - Merlot
Alessandra Capri Stretch Velvet Pants - EmeraldAlessandra Capri Stretch Velvet Pants - Emerald
Arden Bolero Blazer - White with BlackArden Bolero Blazer - White with Black
Asher Embellished Bolero - BlackAsher Embellished Bolero - Black
Jaggar Pant - WhiteJaggar Pant - White
Jaggar Pant - BlackJaggar Pant - Black
Logan Embellished TopLogan Embellished Top
Logan Embellished Top Sale price$289.00
Rueben Bespoke Kaftan - BlackRueben Bespoke Kaftan - Black
Mia Halterneck Top - BlackMia Halterneck Top - Black
Mia Halterneck Top - Black Sale price$179.00
Mia Pants - BlackMia Pants - Black
Mia Pants - Black Sale price$199.00
Quinn Embellished Top/JacketQuinn Embellished Top/Jacket
Aliza Vest - Hot PinkAliza Vest - Hot Pink
Jaggar Pant - Hot PinkJaggar Pant - Hot Pink
Aliza Vest - BlackAliza Vest - Black
Aliza Vest - WhiteAliza Vest - White
Aliza Vest - Azure BlueAliza Vest - Azure Blue
Jaggar Pant - Azure BlueJaggar Pant - Azure Blue
Paris Embellished Dress - BlackParis Embellished Dress - Black
Paris Embellished Dress - Black Sale price$79.00 Regular price$329.00
Luci Dress - BlackLuci Dress - Black
Luci Dress - Black Sale price$149.00 Regular price$349.00
Salsa Black Teal
Luci Dress - RedLuci Dress - Red
Luci Dress - Red Sale price$149.00 Regular price$349.00
Salsa Black Teal

Formal women's clothing for events and guests and bridesmaids for weddings.  From elegant cocktail dresses and styles to evening gowns, CTL has sophisticated, elegant, formal stylish items to suit our clients.

From evening gowns to dinner dresses to sequin tops and skirts, let CTL's stylists help you find the perfect style.

Be excited about your next event as you have choices.  CTL's items are designed to show off shape and not skin, and you will have a selection to choose from.