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Article: The #1 Pants To Wear This Summer

The #1 Pants To Wear This Summer

The #1 Pants To Wear This Summer

I have written articles on the slimming effects of Wide-Leg Pants, and this season it’s no different with our amazing Victoria Pants, which have been walking out the door. Off the rack they don’t look like much, but once clients try them on they are hooked and end up buying all three colours.

Why are they so amazing?

They are high waisted to slim your waist and make your legs appear longer.

They flow out at the side to hide any lumps and bumps.

They are fully lined to feel luxurious.

They come in black, white and red and women are buying in all three sizes.

They can be worn with a crop jacket to also make you appear taller. I have on today with a bamboo tee and the green crop jacket.

They look amazing with our Isabella dress ($179.00) or the Abigail blazer dress ($199.00) or with our v neck or cropped tees and funky Siobhan white/black with red sole runners.

Or with a camisole, the cold-shoulder tops and our new cropped one shoulder tops, available tomorrow. Or our fabulous Angela stretch crop top or everyone's favourite for evenings, the Pandora top.

So many options with these amazing pants, no wonder they are selling out fast.