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CTL Wholesale


Cazinc The Label does not take an indent approach to wholesale. 

We've consulted with boutiques, and here are the challenges they're facing:

  1. Economic shifts and changing consumer purchasing habits have made indenting too financially straining.
  2. Forecasting six months ahead is nearly impossible.
  3. Indent buying consumes too much time that could be spent on business operations.
  4. Aligning brands and styles cohesively is challenging with indent buying, disrupting the desired flow and aesthetic of boutique collections.
  5. Incurring large invoices simultaneously makes budgeting difficult.
  6. Fast fashion items often require markdowns at the end of the season, impacting profitability.


  1. Procure small capsule collections released regularly.
  2. Replenish size range and fulfil customer orders on demand.
  3. Offer transeasional items suitable for year-round sales.
  4. Provide timeless essential items with enduring appeal for multiple seasons.

We launch new capsule collections regularly rather than seasons, so you can purchase as-you-go styles that you know will work "right now" in your boutique.


    Cazinc The Label offers a premium and personalised wholesale service supplying Australian boutiques. We value building lasting relationships with our boutiques and stockists, so we have curated a seamless and straightforward wholesale process.

    We provide a flexible wholesale service to prevent the stress of over-ordering, which impedes your cash flow.

    As an established women's wholesale supplier, we cater for orders of all quantities. We do not have minimum order requirements or size runs - so you can purchase as required.

    We have a dedicated wholesale team who can assist with consultations to discuss stock suitability based on your boutique location and customer demographic. We also offer collection showings virtually or by appointment at our Essendon showroom to discuss our latest arrivals and styling advice.

    We aim to offer boutique exclusivity to ensure no competitors within close proximity stock a similar range.

    “At CTL, we actively break down the traditional silos between wholesale and retail departments. We believe collaboration is key to optimising our strategies, and we’re investing in a non-indent wholesale business for you to increase cashflow.” - Caz Rowland 

    Please email or phone (03) 9374 2450 for your expression of interest.

    Please note: We only wholesale full-priced items.