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Article: When Is It Time To Let Go Of Fashion Trends?

When Is It Time To Let Go Of Fashion Trends?

When Is It Time To Let Go Of Fashion Trends?

With women's fashion, we often see trends change faster than the seasons.

I've seen many trends come and go, and with some of them, I'm more than happy to see them off, like the fabulous hot pink leather jacket with giant shoulder pads and a matching leather skirt. A lot of the 80's fashion is back in Vogue, but when my mother gave this jacket back to me after years of hanging in her wardrobe, and my daughter nearly fell over laughing, I knew it was time to let it go!

But fashion isn't always just a recycled version from past years. A phase that has hit the market lately is "branding", where you buy clothes emblazoned with the company's name, effectively paying them to become a billboard for their brand. There is nothing wrong with this if you like the look, so rock the trend if this is you!

A client wrote this about our clothing label:
"I am looking for new, more excellent local labels that have come to the market, such as Cazinc The Label by designer Caz Rowland. The Melbourne-based brand, committed to environmentally friendly production and accredited the 2021 Best Ethical Label award, is famous for its silks, kinds of cotton, knits, and blazers. They create modern but straightforward wardrobe staples. They design stunning timeless investment pieces you will buy once and own forever."

The secret is to purchase items you love, wardrobe staples to build the base of your wardrobe around and then add only a few "wows" each season to keep your wardrobe up to date. Also, keep investing in more wardrobe staples and sell or give away the tired items you no longer feel fabulous in from your wardrobe. Owning a smaller wardrobe with only things you wear now will allow you to feel like you own more clothes as the items you love to wear are no longer hidden.

We love how our clients learn to purchase timeless and seasonless items that suit them rather than the "uniform" everyone else is wearing. It is your turn to shine and start to shop rather than restock.