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Article: Do You Have To Look Perfect To Have The Perfect Relationship?

Do You Have To Look Perfect To Have The Perfect Relationship?

Do You Have To Look Perfect To Have The Perfect Relationship?

It's time to stop comparing yourself to others.

How many times have you looked at models in magazines or online and compared yourself to them? Maybe they have bigger eyes, longer legs, a slimmer body? Let me tell you, it is not a great idea to compare yourself to other women.
Not just a little sad. It isn't very good and can destroy lives.

Many clients I liaise with for styling are devastated, not only with the way they look but with how they feel about themselves. Their confidence is at an all-time low; they do not want to undress in front of their partners because of the way they look.

But what I found out with my clients with relationships is it is not about the way you look, which is most important. What is essential to the relationship is your history together.
The way you can finish off each other's sentences, the funny things that have happened to you over the years.
The children you have raised together, or the holidays you have taken. Then things you value together. These are all the items that define you as a couple; they are your history.

Attraction is what started your relationship, and your history together is what the bond together is today.

In most cases, when one of the couples left because they were attracted to someone else, they ended up single because they left for the looks, but they miss the history they had with the other person.

Before you become attracted to someone else, why not work on the relationship you have now.

What is important is to enjoy the history together and keep working on your self-love and remember not only to enjoy your history with your partner but also to love them more and more each day. Consistently!

Be consistent by loving with your partner daily.

More kissing, hugging, kind and loving words.
Be romantic.

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And enjoy being you and being the most important person in the world to your partner.