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Article: 25 Keys To Success

25 Keys To Success

25 Keys To Success

A list for you to print out and read over daily.

One thing I do daily is write lists. They are the only way this 53-year-young brain can remember everything that needs to be done and achieved. I say this because I also have my creative lists. When I think of something I would love to blog about or do, I write it down. Then it becomes a goal for me to add to my other goal lists.

Anyway, here is my list for our success. One you can print out to gift to others, put on your fridge for a daily reminder for you and your family and also one you can add to for your ideas.

  1. Speak kindly and positively to yourself. Sack your internal critic.
  2. Live by the Golden Rule – Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. Be honest at all times.
  3. Be willing to take calculated risks.
  4. Establish goals, both long and short-term. Please put them in writing where you will see them daily. Read them aloud every day. Work continuously to achieve them.
  5. Plan your day. Establish priorities. Draw up a “must do” and “could do” list daily, with at least five items under each heading. Set deadlines and do the most laborious or most unpleasant tasks first.
  6. Work towards improving your image.
  7. Meet someone new every day and leave them with a good experience of you.
  8. Use the “touch it once” rule: perform one task at a time and work on this task until you have completed it.
  9. Don’t procrastinate – Do it now.
  10. Become your own best advertisement.
  11. Decide on your destiny. Don’t let anyone steal your dream.
  12. Be persistent. Winners never quit; quitters never win.
  13. Make time for yourself.
  14. Learn to actively listen to people using your ears, eyes, heart and intuition. Look at the person and develop empathy.
  15. Learn to ask “open” questions and guide them to decisions.
  16. Learn something new every day.
  17. Don’t ignore problems.
  18. Be professional: Look, act and sound the part.
  19. Be confident, pleasant, enthusiastic and outgoing.
  20. Use the other person’s name.
  21. Appreciate mistakes and failures for what they are, valuable learning opportunities.
  22. Don’t dwell on the past.
  23. Think about solutions, not problems.
  24. Believe in yourself, expect to succeed.
  25. Never, ever think you know it all.

What would you like to make number 26 on this list?