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Article: What Is Every Woman's Superpower?

What Is Every Woman's Superpower?

What Is Every Woman's Superpower?

Working intimately with women over the past 15 years has made me realise that women with superpowers were the ones who were more prosperous in life, not only with work but with life in general. They are happier, often healthier and enjoying what life has to offer them.

So what is this superpower?

The superpower is something I didn't discover until I reached my late 30's, early 40's and did I waste time, which is what I don't want others to do. So if you are ready to remove the kryptonite to develop your superpower, then read on.

Superpower is self-love, resilience, optimism and self-confidence.

Throughout life, many factors can inhibit your superpower, factors like motherhood, divorce, grief, menopause and habits of society and everyday life.

Self-love comes from thinking from your heart, not your head. When thinking from your head, then it is ego speaking, the little mini-me that sits on your shoulder telling you that you are not good enough. When you think from your heart, which is full of love, then mini-me becomes silent, and your life becomes happier.

With over 15 years of experience, the essence of what I do as a stylist is not only creating clothes for them to have a killer wardrobe. But more so, helping women to love their current selves more and for them to have the confidence to be a bolder version of themselves in all areas of their lives.

My favourite part of the process, even today working with clients, is when I see them pop when I see the sparkle and energy that has been lost return to them. They realise they don't have to consume more to create a shift; they find a deeper and more soulful approach to their style. We don't only style women on the outside; what we see is the growth comes from the inside.

I also love when all the "ego" negative self-talk, criticism, obstacles, media messages and everything that made them feel invisible disappear and they begin to embrace who they are. Their inner glow becomes bright and magnetic.

The above is why our inbox for our label is always full of beautiful testimonials thanking my team and me for not only help them to design the wardrobe of their dreams full of timeless, ethical made and eco-conscious clothing but for helping them to shine and have their superpower back.