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Article: Build A Wardrobe Of Ethically Made Clothing

Build A Wardrobe Of Ethically Made Clothing

Build A Wardrobe Of Ethically Made Clothing

If you're looking to make a difference with your wardrobe, why not start with an ethical Australian label? Opting for eco-friendly essentials, through to night time glamour from our collection of timeless pieces is the perfect way to build a wardrobe of ethically made clothing.

Cazinc The Label's environment rating is excellent, but we are always striving for more with our "slow fashion" revolution.


CTL - Winner Ethical Label Of The Year 2021.

We don't only do right by people, the planet and animals, we ensure you don't have to sacrifice your sense of style with items that also won't break the bank.

We minimise textile waste through low-waste cutting techniques. We only manufacture minimal amounts to ensure we don't add to the landfill problems created by fast fashion.

We use quality, breathable fabrics so you can wear more without having to launder.

We encourage our clients to buy quality over quantity and ensure our pieces are timeless items that honour the past styles, but with a modern twist.

We use reusable, compost "dirtbags" to ship our products via Better Packaging - "Packaging for a zero-waste world" and are purchasing leftover fabrics from other fashion houses that would end up in a landfill to make reusable bags for our clothing.

Our labour rating is excellent for our ethical manufacturers. Our workers are all in local Labour Unions and have every regular workers right available to them with the full support of their unions.

And all our clothes are designed by a stylist with over 18 years of experience in the industry. Caz knows the right styles and cuts to suit all body shapes to slim and flatter or to add curves. And the staff in our boutique are stylists to assist you with the right styles for your shape and lifestyle.

What more could you want for your wardrobe?