Why We Used Cotton For Our AW Knits - And Why Everyone Loves Them.

Cotton knit is a knitted fabric made with cotton fibre. Just as the name suggests, cotton knit fabric is a fabric that is made of cotton knitting. Unlike other fabrics, the cotton thread is knitted but not woven to create this fabric. The structure is very complex with one yarn loop integrating with the other, which makes extremely strong and comfortable to wear. It can be compared to the hand knitting that we do at home.

We used cotton for our knits this season for the following reasons:

  • Cotton is quite breathable and comfortable to wear next to the skin.
  • Cotton can easily be dyed in an array of colours, so no matter what your favourite colour is, you’re bound to find a shade of cotton to match your every desire.
  • Cotton is strong, durable and machine-washable. It starts soft and gets softer the more you wash it.
  • Cotton usually holds together well and doesn’t pill.


We have an amazing collection of knits available online today, ranging from laying thin styles to thicker styles for winter.