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Article: New Transeasonal Collection - What does this mean?

Lillie Double Breasted Blazer

New Transeasonal Collection - What does this mean?

What does transeasonal mean?

As part of our sustainability values, we aim to educate our clients to fill their wardrobes with timeless items to wear forever and items that can be styled all year round, hence - transeasonal items.

Cazinc The Label is your tran seasonal destination, with a new collection of relaxed, elegant pieces designed for the wearer to revel in sunny days and balmy nights in style and sophistication and take you on a journey leading you into the autumn season.The new collection continues our signature approach of refining classic silhouettes, timeless pieces with new-season flourishes. We’ve combined loose tailoring and feminine, dreamy ruffles with soft twists, ruching detail and cinched waistlines that add definition and flatter every body type.

Floaty, breathable fabrics encourage movement and comfort, no matter the occasion. A sense of freedom, femininity, and flirty items, mixed with admiring, supportive and sexy evening statement items to inject a lightness and energy to your wardrobe for the cooler months. 

Escape the reality to design the life you want to lead by creating a wardrobe of timeless pieces that make you love yourself every day.

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