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Article: How To Shop Like A Pro?

How To Shop Like A Pro?

How To Shop Like A Pro?

"I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist." - Tamm Faye Bakker.

Many clients have admitted they disliked shopping, and 90% didn't know how to shop. They purchased items (and many of them) they never wore, filling their wardrobes with items only worn once or twice. These items hang there year after year, unloved and unworn, even if they are dated and don't fit! 

Most of the reasons why they are not wearing them are:

  • Nothing to wear with
  • It was on sale, and they just couldn't pass up on the bargain even though….
  • It doesn't fit – yet!
  • They decided that it was a colour they didn't like
  • It's scratchy 
  • It's uncomfortable
  • Talked into it by the salesperson
  • Waiting for the right occasion
  • They are saving it for the right occasion

Our team of stylists aim to make your shopping experience online as good as it is in the boutique, with phone service or booking in with our complimentary styling service.

At CTL, we want you to have a wardrobe full of clothes you love to wear, so we need to provide an outstanding service for our clients. But in the meantime, here are some more shopping tips that can assist you.

- Do a wardrobe review, reflect and reset before shopping.

- Make a shopping list of the items missing from your wardrobe.

- Research your list online before you shop with items to discuss with our stylists.

- If shopping for an event, please bring with you the heels, accessories, bag and underwear so you can see the full style before purchasing.

- Also, with events, ensure you give yourself time to purchase rather than a quick shop the day of the event.

- Think of the price per wear formula when purchasing. Ask yourself how many times you can wear the item, how many ways and for how many years.

- Don't be afraid to try something different, to think out of the square. Fill your wardrobe with basics, but add a few wows that give your basics the instant lift.


Three questions to ask yourself before you purchase:

1. Do I look and feel absolutely fabulous in this item?

2. Do I have three other items I like to style the item with in my wardrobe?

3. Can I restyle it for three different events, occasions or seasons?