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Article: Is It Your Time To Embrace Being A Woman?

Is It Your Time To Embrace Being A Woman?

Is It Your Time To Embrace Being A Woman?

And find strength in your femininity?

Successful women have a broad sense of self-worth and believe in themselves. They know who they are, their capabilities, their values and strengths, and are happy to be themselves. They only compare themselves to themselves and not others. They are not afraid to take risks, stay in control and get more of what they want. They have a positive self-image, and they respect themselves.

French women are brilliant at using their feminity to their advantage.

It's not the surface glam that gives French women their allure.
It's not how French women dress, what they eat, or what lipstick they use that makes them alluring; it's the French women's knowledge that gives them that extra something that sets them apart from other women worldwide. It's this: "French women don't give a damn" attitude. They don't care about being liked or being like everyone else.
They don't expect men to understand them or want things to fit into a neat, tidy box. They reject notions of packaged beauty and enjoy breaking the rules, and they prefer having a life to making a living.

The Wikipedia Encyclopaedia defines a woman as a "female human". Women are naturally creative and nurturing. We are the gatherers, not the hunters. We are the Queens of our world, our home and our families. French women embrace their femininity, the qualities attributed specifically to women and girls. We were given these qualities for a reason, and it is time to celebrate being a beautiful and confident Australian woman.

The secret is to practice what you have read in these three paragraphs to become more confident in embracing your femininity. We are healthy, beautiful and nurturing women. If it has worked for French women for centuries, it can work for us.