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Article: How To Plan Your Outfit For A Formal Event

How To Plan Your Outfit For A Formal Event

How To Plan Your Outfit For A Formal Event

The invitation has arrived…what do you wear?

I'm sure most of us have done this (I know I have) - stressed out after opening an invitation to an important event that has a formal dress code, sure you have absolutely nothing in your wardrobe that would be suitable.

You have that "Oh-No" moment. 

My biggest tip in such a situation is to start your planning as soon as you receive the invitation and don't do last-minute shopping. You may end up buying something you are not entirely happy with, will not feel fabulous in on the night and will never wear again.

The first thing to do is to look at your wardrobe to see what you can use. There is usually a hidden treasure in there you can wear to the event, an item hidden in the back that has been long forgotten. 

If it still fits and you feel good in it, create a new look around this piece to bring it up to date. Or, you might already have some gorgeous shoes or accessories, but the dress you wore them with is not suitable for the event. (Hint: It is easier to start with a primary piece and work around it to create the ultimate look you want.)

Set aside a day to shop for everything else you need. You achieve the best results when you plan your shopping with a list and research the boutiques that stock your requirements. 

Take the items with you, such as shoes if matching a dress or the dress if you are buying accessories.

Start shopping for complementary accessories that match the piece and the theme/mood you wish to create. If you already have the dress, this could be something as simple as a scarf, or unique jewellery, new shoes, a bag, etc. 

Do the same with your partner if you are going with one, so you look compatible (but not alike)! My husband Simon always wears the same colour tie as my dress or outfit. 

Shape-wear can make or break an outfit. Over the years, I have styled many celebrities, and I can tell you they all wear shape-wear! Clients love how much slimmer and curvier they look. 

No one sees it, and they do wonders for hiding your tummy, which often develops during the evening of eating and drinking! The secret to shape-wear is like shoes - wear it in, so you feel comfortable wearing it on the night.

To complete your look, style your hair to compliment your outfit. If you have a great look from the neck downwards and your hair is not in line with your theme, you can spoil the ensemble. For example, don't wear a 'retro' theme dress with a hairstyle you wear to work.

Search the net for the theme you are wearing or the neckline of your dress to see how celebrities style their hair. Choose the one you like that will suit your image. Show your hairstylist the photo when making the booking, so they know in advance and book enough time for you. 

Finally, the day has arrived… 

Feel confident, and be ready to celebrate with your hosts when you make the grand entrance! They will not only notice you but also remember you as someone who took the time and effort to help make their event a successful and memorable one!