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Article: How To Stop The “I Will Look Good When”

How To Stop The “I Will Look Good When”

How To Stop The “I Will Look Good When”

During my time as a stylist and now a fashion designer, when people find out what I do, they often ask what they should be wearing this season, what the colour of the moment is, what new items should they buy. But dressing well and comfortable is so much more than buying something that’s “in”.

Where do you start? 

Start by thinking about what you would like to wear, how the item fits into your lifestyle, does it go with other items in your wardrobe, does it suit your body shape to create a style that looks amazing on you.

Dressing isn’t only about putting “it” things into your wardrobe; it is about creating a wardrobe of mix and match items that you can wear often.


Clients understand this when they see the outfits I style them in. They see a new and gorgeous woman in the mirror because what I do is balance out their bodies to show off a beautiful body and hide any figure challenges.

No two bodies are the same.

Everyone is different in the way they look and the way they think about their bodies. Since opening my boutique three weeks ago, I have had more than ten clients shed happy tears when they see the new them in the mirror. Many of these women have been unhappy in the way they look and feel about themselves for many years. Instantly, when they walk out of the change room, they see a gorgeous woman.

No more of “I will look good when”……..

When I lose weight – it is the big one I hear daily. But when you are wearing the right styles, you instantly lose weight.

Dressing is not about what is in now. 

Dressing is not about trying to fit in with everyone else.

Dressing is not about wearing what your friends advise you to wear.

Dressing is not loving what is “in.” 

What dressing is about?

Dressing is about you. 

Purchasing stylish items you can own in your wardrobe for years to come.

Think quality over quantity. I am living proof of this.

I am a fashion designer/stylist with under forty items in her wardrobe.

Since February this year, (and now it’s August) I have only worn what is in our first AW19 collection and loved every moment of it. Follow my personal Instagram page Caz_Cazinc for style inspiration.

We have had five clients who have sold everything in their wardrobes and purchased our whole collection, and they are so happy. They feel like they own more clothes and feel liberated, knowing how easy it is to dress each day. 

We have had other clients who have purchased a large part of our collection, then place these items in the forefront of their wardrobes to wear, and gradually introduce other items in their wardrobe to this collection. Anything else, they have sold or given away.


I only design timeless and elegant clothing. All our pants are high waisted. All our tops are flattering. I teach how to wear these items to suit all shapes. We are filling a gap in the market with quality items, at great prices so you can buy less, but buy better.

We can tell you why the clothes look good and why they don’t. You will have peace of mind knowing your purchases are correct.

It’s your time now……life is to short not to look and feel fabulous, everyday.

Call 0408 263 773 during business hours to book your personal styling session, either in store at 51 Rose Street, Essendon, or online. Sessions are free with purchases over $200.