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Article: Essential Wardrobe Item – The Bomber Jacket

Essential Wardrobe Item – The Bomber Jacket

Essential Wardrobe Item – The Bomber Jacket

Like houses, outfits need a solid foundation, which doesn’t only mean sturdy bras and knickers, but key pieces you can build the rest of a look on.

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But what often happens is the nightmare of your clothes “breeding” in the dead of night in your wardrobe. A few extra pieces creep in, everything starts to expand all over the place and what is more terrifying is finding yourself in the middle of the mess with NOTHING TO WEAR!

What we do need in the wardrobe is essential items, and one essential element we need is a gorgeous bomber jacket.

The bomber jacket is a shortcut to ultimate cool and comfortable due to their bulky nature. Did you know they were first introduced in WWII for pilots, hence why they are called the bomber jackets? The saggy/loose armholes with elastic ribs and hem made it convenient for fighter pilots to be more agile.

CTL’s modern bomber jacket, with gorgeous velvet cuffs and band, is made from a soft and luxurious faux fur that everyone loves. With a round neck collar and zip fastening, the jacket is a best seller.

So snuggly and sumptuous, you won’t want to take it off. And the jacket is transeasonal and will be an essential item during the spring/summer seasons.

And as you can see by the images of our team below, they suit all ages. Tamara 30, Nadia 40 and Caz 52.

 Shop your Bomber Jacket here. RRP $169.00. Sizes 6 - 16.