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Article: Are You in a Style Rut?

Are You in a Style Rut?

Are You in a Style Rut?

Our style can become like a uniform, and all of a sudden, without realising, we are in a style rut.

Symptoms of a Style Rut are:

• Look in wardrobe and uninspired by what you see

• Bring something home to discover you have four others just like it

• The wardrobe looks like you have time-warped back to a former decade

• Rarely consider wearing different styles or colours.

• Fashion and clothes, in general, are placed in your “Too Hard Basket”

• Don’t look in the mirror because your clothes and looks are the same every day of the year so you know exactly what you look like

• When was last time you did something different with your hair, makeup or clothes?

You don’t shop, you restock…

You have a wardrobe full of clothes, but the wrong clothes for you, your lifestyle and your body shape, so they sit there unloved and you feel you have nothing to wear.


If this is you and you want to break the “style rut” - why not book a free personal style session, either come in store or organise via email or Skype? It’s easy and what you will learn will save you time and money. The bonus is you will break the style rut and be able to shop with your personal shopper forever, to keep you up to date with the latest trends and clothes that suit you.

“I highly recommend a styling session with Caz! I totally love her clothes and felt I had a good understanding of what would work for me. However, being able to try things on and Caz’s ideas of how the pieces can be worn and fitted back in with your own wardrobe, was invaluable.

She is clearly passionate about styling but she wasn’t pushy and was totally honest. Her clothes can be worn in a classic or more edgy style, depending how you piece it together. I realized what great investment pieces her clothes are.

The cut and the quality will mean you can wear them for years. I walked out of there feeling more confident in my own look and excited how I can utilize my own wardrobe with Caz’s pieces. Many, many thanks! I really enjoyed my Styling Session.”

If it is time for you to break your style rut, contact the Cazinc The Label team today. Email or call 0408263773 to book today. These sessions, valued at over $200 are free and are at 51 Rose Street, Essendon, or online. They change all our clients lives. It is time for you to shine……….