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Article: How To Shop Rather Than Just Restock

How To Shop Rather Than Just Restock

How To Shop Rather Than Just Restock

Fashion Takes Action wrote on Instagram about this photo:

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There are so many ways to describe fashion that is good.

Do any of these resonate with you?

What word do you like best in front of fashion?


“Choose less, choose well, make it last” - Vivienne Westwood.

Recently I went to a large shopping complex to do something with my daughter (for her phone). As I waited for Emma, I sat and watched many women walking past looking extremely uncomfortable in their clothes and not very happy, which I could tell by the way they were walking, poor posture and dispirited faces. Many had bags of more “fast fashion” shopping, so they were spending a lot of $$$ on clothes that often won’t make them look or feel good because they are cheap and will end up in a landfill, destroying our planet which made me sad.

See my Instagram post.

What is happening is they don’t shop, they restock! They are filling their wardrobes with items because they were cheap, on sale or looked good on the mannequin. Often, the new items don’t go with any other styles in their wardrobes. Many are made with cheap fabrics, such as the polyester, that doesn’t last and smells by the end of the day. These clothes don’t make them look and feel fabulous!

Shopping this way will, in the end, cost more money than buying quality clothing in small amounts that will last you for many years.

Invest only in the clothes that you love.

Next time you find yourself shopping for clothes, please stop and think about whether you need it, if it matches you and your lifestyle, your body shape, other items in your wardrobe AND if you truly love it. Too often we impulse buy, without trying something on, without really needing it or loving it. We seek the rush of buying something new, but that fashion “high” is usually over by the time you hang it in your wardrobe. It’s time to think differently about our buying habits. We need to slow it down and invest with our hearts. Buy less, but own a wardrobe full of clothes you and your wallet will love.