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Article: Which Style Of Pants Are Designed To Slim?

Which Style Of Pants Are Designed To Slim?

Which Style Of Pants Are Designed To Slim?

At the young age of 21, Yves Saint Laurent found himself as a successor in the House of Dior.

However, Saint Laurent soon launched his label with a dedicated audience thanks to his influential designs including the now classic Le Smoking Suit of 1966, a lady’s tuxedo of a long black tailored jacket, white blouse and black wide-legged pants.

Moving to 2004, Stefano Pilati took over and often pays homage to the YSL aesthetic while naturally transitioning into his own, considered style with fresh combinations and modern silhouettes, including stunning wide-leg pants.

When styled correctly, the wide leg pants can be extremely slimming.

So what do you need to look for in wide leg pants for a slimming effect?

• Accentuated high waist with no gaping or folding keeps the wide leg pant looking long and lean.

• Fitted over the hips, for a flattering shape, with a 10cm waistband.

• Opulent wool for winter and luxurious silk, crisp cotton or linen for summer

• A flat front or sewn-down pleat. You want the fabric to fall straight from the waist and hip for the most flattering effect.

• A pressed crease at the centre of the leg to add polish

• Legs that flare out with subtlety to full at the hem

• Cuffs if you are looking for a more formal pant; no cuffs for casual, although the leg is elongated without cuffs.


• Flimsy or elastic waists. This style needs to fall from a strong base to reign in any tummy troubles

• Hems higher than one centimetre from the ground. Always wear shoes when getting your hems tailored or your pants will come up short. This ensures you can wear your pants with heels, flats or white runners for a casual style.

• Swimming in fabric – wide-leg doesn’t mean excessive draping.

• Teaming with shapeless tops, which only adds bulk to your silhouette and you risk looking frumpy. Go for slim-fitting tops, a natural fabric that drapes your shape or cinch in at your waist with a wide belt for a beautiful hourglass figure style.


We have designed beautiful wide leg pants in our Autumn/Winter collection, available February 2019.  Everything in our range has been designed to not only mix and match, but all items can be worn to work, casual (see above images) or out for the evening.



Our silk range includes timeless silk wide-leg slimming Palazzo pants (see above image) for all occasions. I put these on in a shop last week, and the women shopping were blown away, not only with the gorgeous silk but with how slimming the pants are. They have all put their names down for a pair!