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Article: Are We Finally Seeing The End Of Real Fur?

Are We Finally Seeing The End Of Real Fur?
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Are We Finally Seeing The End Of Real Fur?

At Cazinc The Label (launched February, 2019), we decided to create “green” luxury fashion.  What does this mean?  It means no animals furs and going vegan in the creation of our garments. We researched and drove for miles to find opulent faux furs for our collections, following in the footsteps of brands such as Stella McCartney in being fur-free from the outset.


Imagine then how happy we were to hear that animal fur was banned at London’s recent Fashion Week? This was followed a few weeks later with Los Angeles voting to ban the manufacture and sale of fur within city limits. 

For years now, we have witnessed major fashion houses stop using real fur, including the brands Burberry, Gucci, Michael Kors, Tom Ford, Jimmy Choo and in the past two years, Versace. And we are hoping fur, the most controversial fashion material, has finally had its day.

“People don't want to see [real] fur; it’s come to symbolise a selfishness they don’t want to endorse.” – Wendy Higgins

 According to the BBC in their article “Is This The End For Real Fur?”, from wild trapping to the horrors of a Chinese fur market, where live skinning is par for the course, nothing about fur production is easy.  Films such as Klatki have uncovered the devastating lives of animals on European fur farms. 

“Fur is immoral, cruel and barbaric – it is an industry that capitalises on death,” says a call-to-action on McCartney’s website.  As one look at the small, traumatised creatures in Klatki will demonstrate, she’s not exaggerating.”

Faux fur is no longer a cheap, human-made product.  As you will see in our Autumn Winter ‘19 Collection, the faux fur we have purchased is as beautiful and luxurious as animal fur.  It is made from polyester (the only non-natural products we are using for our label).

Our beautiful faux fur wholesaler, Fred, has been in the fascinating niche of the textile and fashion industry since the 1960’s and has supplied some of the most iconic brands and labels of Australian fashion.  Fred loved our goal of only using superior fabrics and was thrilled with Cazinc The Label’s designs using his lavish faux furs.   

“Our goal has always been to facilitate and stimulate the creative endeavours of the fashion industry, and ultimately to excite and delight the end user through the creation of a superior product.” – Fred, our faux fur supplier for Cazinc The Label.

We hope you enjoy knowing you are looking and feeling fabulous in products that are cruelty-free and made with breathable fabrics.

Shop your faux fur here. (BTW - The quality is so good that they look real. I had someone accuse me of wearing real fur last time I wore one of our faux fur coats. She was so blown away that she purchased the whole 6 in our collection!)