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Article: Five Successful Items Caz Does Daily For Success

Five Successful Items Caz Does Daily For Success

Five Successful Items Caz Does Daily For Success

Things you can easily incorporate into your day.

Do you know someone who is not only successful, they manage to fit many things into their life. I am asked daily how do I hold everything together and still keep smiling? It does help to love what I do, creating unique designs and seeing clients loving the designs. We certainly have filled a gap in the market to assist women who don't want to dress like their daughters and don't want to dress to look older. They still want to be elegant and wear well-fitted designs slim and show off their shape.

Here is a list of five things I do every day that you can incorporate into your day to lead you to a mindset of success.

1. I am a list maker and complete the least desirable task on their list first (to avoid the stress of anticipation, procrastination and unpleasantness. Completing the least desirable task leaves the rest of their day open for what they want to enjoy most and a feeling of accomplishment, leading to confidence.

2. I schedule everything in my day. How often have you looked at your "to do" list for the day to realise you have only crossed off one thing? I schedule my days down to the minute. I plan out my calendar and stick to the amount of time allocated to each task.
The planning includes my daily style, incorporating exercise into my daily routine, organising my growing team, designing, marketing and chatting with clients.

3. Goal setting is essential, even if I set goals on a weekend when away from the office. I love and set SMART goals - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Relevant and Timely, and add the who, what, where and why to all plans to make all goals meaningful.

4. An immense value I have with Cazinc The Label is creating a solid community. I do something every day to grow and strengthen our community daily.
I answer most of our client emails and chat over the phone or in the boutique with our clients, collection showings or style videos, and of course, the famous Friday lives with Jade to ensure our clients know how valued they are and they feel a massive part of our growing community.

5. And lastly, I keep my life in perspective. Failure is only temporary if you continue to evolve, grow, and maintain a positive mindset.
I am fortunate to be surrounded by a loving family and an incredible group of girlfriends who keep life real. We keep building each other up, even if over copious amounts of champagne with laughter.

And I practice gratitude daily, from the moment my feet hit the ground each morning to my head hits the pillow each night. Thank you for reading this article and giving me so much to be grateful for in life.

Cheers to all your success, health and happiness. Cazinc The Label is more than clothes; it is a lifestyle because if you love who you are on the outside, inner love and success will follow.