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Article: Design Notes With Caz - What Is Winter Layering?

Design Notes With Caz - What Is Winter Layering?

Design Notes With Caz - What Is Winter Layering?

Winter fashion is about maintaining style without sacrificing warmth and comfort. So, like red wine by the fire, layering is what you need to get you through to spring.
Layering your clothing has many benefits. It can allow you to stay warm and cosy without looking bulky, and pieces to easily remove when "hot flushing" or for the different temperatures throughout the day.  
CTL'S winter wardrobe capsule is versatile, allowing you to wear clothing that you can also style in the warmer months.
How to layer?
Start with the base layer, which consists of lighter, firm fitting items, such as the Preston Tee, Ebony tanks, Cherry Top, Audrey or Allegra tops. Or shirts such as the Romeo and Juliette shirts.
Team with your favourite CTL pants or shorts with tights and long boots.
Or the base layer can consist of a dress, which is easily styled over long boots and tights. Knit dresses such as London, Alexis or Sparrow, or the Ponte Reese dress are perfect winter staples. Or, for the colder days, Monroe will be your winter blanket.
The next step is the mid-layer to style over your base layer. Knits are perfect for mid-layering, thin knits such as Jacqueline, Remy, and Jacey, and through to chunkier knits such as Carla and Jamie. Vests are back again this season and here to stay, so the Ariel knit is for you if you want something warm and cosy but without the bulk.
The Dexter top is the perfect layering piece to team over base layer tops, and the faux fur fabric and cut are ideal to style under the outer layers.
The outer layer is like your suit of armour to protect you from the winter chills. Blazers add instant glam to all winter outfits, and the Amira Blazers are this season's trending blazer. Or the Harper Dress styled as a coat is one you will love forever.
And speaking of love, our amazing Paris coat sold out in many sizes before winter hit, but the good news is we will be restocking soon.
I hope this helps you stay stylish over winter, and please contact our fantastic team of stylists anytime as we are here to help.
Now back to the red wine by the fire……
Love Caz xx