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Article: The 5-Piece French Inspired Wardrobe

The 5-Piece French Inspired Wardrobe

The 5-Piece French Inspired Wardrobe

Last February I decided to clear out my wardrobe and from February to September I only wore under 40 items from our labels first collection. Our designs are inspired by the French woman’s wardrobe of owning less, but better. Timeless pieces you can wear to many occasions and mix and match daily. Owning less was incredibly liberating for me, and we had 12 clients who did the same, they sold off everything from their wardrobes and purchased our whole collection.

Now we have many clients doing the same, selling off their unwanted and unloved clothes, the ones they used to feel fabulous in but don’t anymore so they can purchase selected pieces from our ranges because they are clothes they wear often.

It is a new year full of new beginnings, so why not break out of your wardrobe nightmare so you too can become liberated by owning less but better?

So what is the basics list inspired by French women’s wardrobes that are the inspiration behind Cazinc The Label?

Here is the essential list of what you need in your wardrobe, the basics for you to begin and then build your wardrobe around. These are items you will often wear and enjoy.

1. Tops

Tees – black and white

Tanks – black and white

Long-sleeve tees – black and white

1 x black dress

Good quality jumpers

White button-down shirt

Silk Blouse

2. Jackets/coats


Trench Coat

Faux Fur Coats

Leather jacket

3. Bottoms

Black Pants

Skinny Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans

Leather Pants

Black skirt

Black Shorts

4. Shoes

Black Stilettos

Mid-heel ankle boots

Classic flats

Summer sandals


5. Accessories



Clutch bag

Leather bag

Everyday rings

Silk scarves