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Article: Designer Spotlight With Design A Space - CTL

Designer Spotlight With Design A Space - CTL
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Designer Spotlight With Design A Space - CTL

Cazinc The Label is proud to now wholesale our label with all three Design A Space locations, City, Fitzroy and Windsor. Design A Space prides itself with supporting Australian Designers and their clients love shopping our label in these locations. 

In their last designer spotlight with Cazinc the Label they introduced you to the face behind the brand, Caz Rowland. In this spotlight, they are delving more into what drove our talented designer to take the leap of faith, and what her vision is for Cazinc the Label going into 2020.


Many women inspire Caz, but the one that started her on her style loving journey was her blonde bombshell 'glamour girl' mum, Rae. From a young age, Caz was surrounded by fashion, which is what made it inevitable that this would always be a huge part of her life.

However, she didn't always believe that she would end up in fashion. Starting out in the corporate world, she had a very keen eye for picking out quality staples that formed her 'corporate wardrobe'. With people always having an interest in what she was wearing - this would lead her down the path to studying fashion & styling and learning more about what suited different body types and even personalities.

When Caz became a stylist, she was exposed to the struggles that women were facing in their daily lives. By being exposed to people's daily struggles, Caz was inspired to learn more about therapy - which helped to influence the way that she would run her styling business. She didn't want women just to look good - but to feel fabulous as well.

However, it was really only 5 years ago that Caz has an idea for her own brand. From developing her own lifestyle blog 'Cazinc', the label started to evolve from there. And although she didn't have a background in design, her years of experience in Styling and understanding the issues that women were facing - she was able to create designs and cuts to flatter the figure.  


Sustainability will be a huge thing that the label aims to tackle in 2020. Caz aims to emphasise to women that it's not about buying more for cheaper - but building a quality wardrobe that allows you to mix and match easily, and for a lifetime.

The reality is that the cheaper you buy, the more you will waste. You'll have clothing that comes apart at the seams. This throws people into a mindless cycle of consumption, and consumption leads to waste and buildup in our landfills. Not to mention, the workers behind these pieces are often poorly treated or underpaid.

The aim is to break the cycle, to stop being distracted by low prices, but looking at the lifetime value of what a piece can offer you. What place it has in your wardrobe throughout the seasons and years. The label's whole emphasis is on buying less but buying better. On pieces that are timeless, not trendy. One's that will keep your wardrobe looking up to date without you needing to constantly buy.


Don't overwhelm yourself! Rather than being overwhelmed by choice, it's all about learning to buy well so that your wardrobe is full of items that can be easily mixed and matched.

"Start by thinking about what you like to wear and how that item fits into your lifestyle. Does it go with other items in your wardrobe? Does it suit your body shape to create a style that looks amazing on you?”

Dressing isn't about buying pieces that are trending right now. It's about creating a wardrobe of mix & match items that you can wear often.

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