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Article: How To Make An Inspiration Style Journal or Image Board

How To Make An Inspiration Style Journal or Image Board

How To Make An Inspiration Style Journal or Image Board

Inspiration style journeys or image boards have become popular with many of my style clients. They have learn’t a lot about their styles and how they want to be perceived in life. It is a great way to learn a lot about you and make dressing easier, but how do you put it all together?

Here is how:


  • Create a Pinterest board of pictures, stylists or colours you love

  • Images can be whole outfits, one-piece, hairstyles, makeup styles, colour combinations, fabric choices or anything that assists you in expressing the look you are after

  • Pictures will give you a better sense of your style, and you will see in a few years how your look has evolved, changed or even grown

Write down your signature looks

  • Look back at photos of you and remember which styles you loved when you put them together

  • How did you feel when you wore this and what you would like to incorporate back into your signature look?

  • Which styles would you like to move on from

 Time to experiment new looks

  • It is time to research and step out of your comfort zone

  • Play dress ups and learn your style

  • Try new looks

  • Think of accessories

Who are you going to model?

  • Do you love long hair and classic clothes like Jennifer Anniston?

  • The cropped hairstyle with the vintage style of Michelle Williams?

  • The classic and chic style of Victoria Beckham?

  • The bohemian style of Cher?

Success is all in the effort

  • To successfully become the master of your signature look and dressing for your personality takes time and effort

  • Style is something to keep learning and practising

  • Therefore, keeping a journal is a chance to update and style you for life

  • The more you put in, the more you will take out