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Article: How To Incorporate Colour Into Your Wardrobe

How To Incorporate Colour Into Your Wardrobe

How To Incorporate Colour Into Your Wardrobe

Do you find yourself constantly wearing the same black or neutral outfit? Could you add something different to your rotation? Heading into summer is the perfect time to experiment with different colours. Whether it's a vibrant shade or a subdued pastel, we can help you embody the colourful trends and look good.

Primary Colours

Primary colours are colours we base our wardrobe around - they should make up about 80% of your clothing. They are the classic neutral colours, the monotone colours. They are the fundamentals in the wardrobes of many well-dressed women. They represent the average economy because they form endless versatility with the addition of accessories.

They are quiet and unassuming colours but permit the beauty of line and design to show through because they do not call attention to themselves.

Primary colours are the colours for the investment pieces you purchase for your wardrobe. Try not only to think black. You will have many more options, including brown, camel, navy, grey, charcoal, white, and cream. These investment pieces, such as our Ponte Styles, should be versatile, including the Charli Crossover Pants, Chester Blazer and Ida Pants, to style for many occasions. 

Secondary Colours

Secondary colours can be styled with your primary colours. They are the "wow" to your style to add a pop of colour. When I design, all the secondary colours we use, such as orange, red, yellow, etc., are all to go with your primary colours, as that is what your wardrobe is predominantly made up of.

Shopping for secondary items may take time to learn. Be kind to yourself at first. Over time, you will naturally learn to train your eye. Then, have fun stepping out of the square with your secondary colours. If you're overwhelmed, book a 1:1 styling session to set you off on the right path.

Get Ready To Start Styling

The journey from a neutral to a vibrant and colourful closet is daunting but exciting in fashion. Embrace your primary colours as your base for any outfit. These investment pieces will stay with you forever, constantly showing your sophistication and elegance.

You will see the magic begin to happen when you mix your primary and secondary colours to create an unforgettable outfit. Using your primary and secondary colours together in an outfit, from accessories to gorgeous pieces, can give you endless possibilities. Remember, fashion is all about trying out new things and expressing yourself.

Start small, with accessories or small pieces to ease yourself into it. When you're ready to elevate your fashion game, expand your wardrobe with investment items that you will hold onto and cherish forever. Here's to enjoying your wardrobe in beautiful, colourful and stylish clothing!