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Article: How To Dress For Your Figure

How To Dress For Your Figure

How To Dress For Your Figure

Have you had tears of frustration following a disastrous shop? Especially when you have chosen the wrong outfit? The salesperson said it looked great, even though you knew it wasn't suitable. You settled because there was nothing else to purchase. Don't worry; you are not alone.

I have attended functions where I have worn the wrong style and didn't enjoy my night. I wanted to hide in the corner so I couldn't be seen. I wanted to be invisible because I didn't fit in. I have also shed tears standing in my wardrobe, full of clothes, with nothing to wear to an event. Two strong reasons I started Cazinc The Label. I knew I wasn't alone in these feelings.

Like every other woman alive, you are well aware of your figure challenges. There are reasons for this, primarily when fashion promotes extremely skinny models instead of women with shapes and curves.

Unless you are a model from the runway, gifted with the ultimate body, we all have figure challenges. When you learn how to style these challenges, the magic begins. Illusion Dressing knows how to hide figure challenges. When you look good, you feel incredible, starting with loving your body, which is part of your inner style.

Do you want bigger breasts, a flatter stomach, longer legs, a narrower waist, or even larger eyes? You are not alone. We all want to change something in our bodies, and it is only when you can accept who you are and what you have and learn to work with your own shape and body that you can develop the style and image you desire.

Often, women consider radical diets, excruciating and intense short-term exercise programs, or even surgery because we are made to feel that our beautiful natural bodies are not good enough the way they are.

Why do we have this perception?

Women are constantly bombarded with ''perfect'' images of the female form every day of their lives. They are everywhere we look: in the magazines we read, the TV shows and films we watch, the adverts in the ad breaks, in music videos and on the billboards that surround us as we walk down the street.

The impeccable figures of famous women are presented as part and parcel of their success and stylishness. In magazines, female celebrities are praised for their perfect figures or torn to pieces if they are deemed too heavy or too skinny versus the unwritten but all prevailing single standard of beauty.

Unsurprisingly, when we, too, compare ourselves to this standard, we fail to measure up. This results in not only body dissatisfaction but depression, shame, and guilt, all contributing to the enormous pressure on women to conform to the ideal body shape.

Now take the time to study female figures around you, at your workplace, café or schoolyard, even the supermarket or shopping mall. Do you see figures like the models in the magazines or more women like you? The answer will always be you will see more women like you, real women.

Now notice how they are dressed. They can all be the same weight, but some of them look amazing, and some don't. This is due to knowledge; who has it and who doesn't. Those who feel good about who they are, and have great self-worth. Who doesn't?

Looking great and being physically attractive is not limited to size, age or shape; it is all about knowledge. You do not need to look like a runway model or straight out of a magazine for people to find you appealing or attractive. Instead, own your natural beauty and learn to dress for your shape and curves.

Working out how to dress to complement your figure and natural beauty can take time and effort. Our virtual and in-store stylists team at Cazinc the Label offers free shopping and styling sessions to ensure you look and feel your best. Book your 1:1 styling session with Cazinc the Label, and you'll feel as confident as ever with clothes to suit your figure. 

It's important to remember that each person is beautiful within their skin, and nothing can detract from that. You'll feel incredible when you accept your natural beauty and dress to suit your body.