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Article: Are You In A Style Rut?

Are You In A Style Rut?

Are You In A Style Rut?

Are you tired of looking into your wardrobe daily and never having anything to wear? Are you re-wearing the same outfits on rotation because you’re in a style rut? Most people go through phases throughout their life of feeling uninspired by their current wardrobe. Because of this, we’ve consulted the ladies behind Cazinc The Label to explore the warning signs of a style rut, so you can know when it’s time to take on a new look.

Our style can become like a uniform, and suddenly, without realising, we are in a style rut. 

Symptoms of a Style Rut are:

Looking in the wardrobe and feeling uninspired by what you see

You open your wardrobe and feel disheartened by what’s on offer. You look through the familiar clothes and wish for something new to reflect your current style.

Bringing something home to discover you have ten other items exactly the same

The excitement of a new purchase wears off as soon as you arrive home and realise you own an entire wardrobe of similar items. You feel frustrated, uncreative and unadventurous in your fashion choices. You are restocking rather than shopping.

The wardrobe looks like you have time-warped back to a former decade.

Your wardrobe doors open to an array of clothing from previous decades—a collection of patterns and outdated looks you wouldn’t be caught dead in today. You keep the clothes for nostalgia but don’t find yourself dressing in the contemporary style you desire.

Rarely considering wearing different styles or colours.

You feel limited in the exploration of your own style because of the need for more variety. Your creativity could be improved, and you rarely feel comfortable enough to venture outside your current look. 

Fashion and clothes, in general, are placed in your “Too Hard Basket.”

The thought of putting effort into your clothing instantly makes you feel overwhelmed. Instead of finding fashion as something fun, you view it as challenging. You would instead not change your style as it causes you stress.

Never look in the mirror because your clothes and looks are the same every day of the year, so you know exactly what you look like

Your clothing remains stagnant, so you don’t check your appearance in the mirror. You already know you will see the familiar style you have seen a million times before.

If you resonate with these points, it may be time to leap and switch up your style. Online shopping is a great way to start the process of building a new wardrobe. Many websites will offer deals for first-time buyers (including Cazinc The Label, which offers up to $20 off your first order). 

The process can be daunting and confusing for many when you are attempting to craft your new look. To make the process as painless and fun as possible, Cazinc The Label offers complimentary 1:1 styling sessions. The team of professional stylists will find the right fit, styles and colours for you and your lifestyle.

While on your style journey, it’s important to remember that style is about looking and feeling the best in your skin. Introducing new looks into your wardrobe allows you to experiment with your creativity and express yourself in ways you haven’t before. By embracing your looks, you can feel genuinely confident and comfortable within your own skin.

An article I wrote for an overseas magazine - Caz Rowland