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Article: Earth Day 2021 - Eco-Conscious Fashion Does Matter

Earth Day 2021 - Eco-Conscious Fashion Does Matter

Earth Day 2021 - Eco-Conscious Fashion Does Matter

Cazinc The Label's environment rating is excellent, but we are always striving for more with our "slow fashion" revolution.

While right now, fashion has a massive negative impact, the good news is that we can also transform fashion into a massive source of positive impact.

Improving fashion can mean positive impacts on the tens of millions of people working directly and hundreds of millions working indirectly for the industry.  Cazinc The Label is proud to be awarded 2021 Ethical Label Of The Year.

We don't only do right by people, the planet and animals, we ensure you don't have to sacrifice your sense of style with items that also won't break the bank.

We minimise textile waste through low-waste cutting techniques. We only manufacture minimal amounts to ensure we don't add to the landfill problems created by fast fashion.

We use quality, breathable fabrics so you can wear more without having to launder.

We encourage our clients to buy quality over quantity and ensure our pieces are timeless items that honour the past styles, but with a modern twist.

"I wanted a clothing label for ALL women that is ethically made and designed in Australia" - Caz Rowland

At Cazinc The Label we are serious about sustainable packaging. We use 100% recycle-compatible, 100% Natural & 100% Compostable "dirt bags" for all of our orders. 

Moving Forward 

At CTL we are always looking for more ways to support not only the Earth but the people living on it. That is why you can always feel reassured that by purchasing Cazinc The Label you are also supporting the Earth and helping reduce the Fast Fashion cycle.

A better future for fashion is possible......thank for supporting our values.

From the CTL team.