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Article: 5 Rules To A Better Wardrobe

5 Rules To A Better Wardrobe

5 Rules To A Better Wardrobe

"Life is too short not to look and feel fabulous, no matter what size, shape, gender or age, every day." - Carolyn Rowland.

And the first plan of attack is to clean out your wardrobe, then follow the five rules below to build a better wardrobe.

1. Know Your Style

Like your DNA, you have a particular style that suits you. Everyone does. Know that style is intimate with what is you and what isn't you. Change is a good thing to embrace.

2. Save Your Fav's

Save your favourite clothing items, though at the same time be realistic. If you are 50 and still have your jeans from the age of 17, it is time to toss them out. There is no room for them, no matter what.

3. Be Serious

Clearing out is a great thing. Getting rid of the old allows room for the new you, which you are about to discover, so it is time to be real.

4. Seek and Destroy

Seek and Destroy your unwanted items may not be your cup of tea, though they may be someone else's, so seek out all the items that are not you anymore, destroy them by swapping, trading or sell them online or a market. The alternative is to destroy them.

5. Take Awhile

When it comes to your wardrobe, don't go crazy; separate items out into piles and take your time to decide what to keep and what to toss. It will take time, and you will have a smaller wardrobe, but you will enjoy having clothes you will wear front and centre instead of hidden amongst the unwanted items.