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Article: 5 Ways To Look And Feel Stylish Everyday

5 Ways To Look And Feel Stylish Everyday

5 Ways To Look And Feel Stylish Everyday

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you wake up in the morning?  Is it breakfast, time to exercise, or what you’re going to wear for the day? Irrespective of what we are questioning ourselves, we all want to make our day the best we can, and for most of us, that means we also want to look the best we can.  So, being uncertain of how you’re going to dress shouldn’t be how you start your day. 


 Getting dressed every morning should be energising and fun. After all, you are setting the tone for the entire day.  Contrary to what seems to be the norm for many people, make sure you look stylish and smart every single day, not only for particular days or for special occasions.  But don’t think that this will cost you a fortune; looking more elegant and fashionable isn’t always about putting on the most luxurious, trendiest clothes, or understanding some complicated stylish tricks.  At times, it’s as easy as adding on a statement piece such as pair of fabulous sunglasses, a stunning faux fur coat or your favourite hat or fun shoes. 

Here are some essential things you should know when shopping and putting your outfits together to make the task easier:

•    First and most importantly, you should know your body shape and the exact styles that will best suit you. We all have different sizes and shapes, though most people fall under the categories of triangle, square, oval or hourglass shape.  If you are aware of which shape you are, you’ll find an outfit that will suit you easier. (Purchase our eBook to learn your shape here).


•    Browse the internet, walk around the street, or look at magazines and be updated about the latest fashion trends. Incorporate them into your outfits, but do not exaggerate, for “less is more”. Consequently, one or two trends in your overall outfit is enough or they will start to distract from one another.

•    Buy fewer quality items that you can wear many ways and to many occasions, rather than cheaper quantity "fast fashion" items.

•    Do not forget to accessorise your outfit.  Accessories of good quality can make a massive difference to your look and style.  Changing the accessories on the same outfit can also change the look of it considerably and give you more than one way to wear an outfit. 

•    Plan your outfit at night, and you’ll be astonished at how much time you’ll save the next morning, and how organised and confident you will be. You’ll also sleep better as you know you will look wonderful the next day.

A final important point is in following key fashion trends, do not overlook your personality! Feel free to experiment a little, but make sure you put on clothes which you’ll feel comfortable and confident in, and add slight touches and accessories, which will make your style unique.