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Article: What is the key ingredient to developing your style?

What is the key ingredient to developing your style?

What is the key ingredient to developing your style?

You have an understanding of your shape, your colours and your essentials – but how do you develop your own style?


Your interpretation of the core pieces and what you do with them creates your style.  A good way to start if you are uncertain of your style is to go with combinations that look natural rather than contrived, individual rather than tribal and flattering rather than forced. Have you ever noticed that the best outfits look fabulous without anyone being able to pinpoint precisely why. Start by tweaking safe looks with a fashion-forward edge, be it a strong shoulder, asymmetrical lines or a sheer insert – whatever is strong that season – but keep it wearable. Don’t be afraid to take risks; with the right foundations you are sure to land on your stylish feet. 

Contrast is Key

Spice up your look using contrasts that appeal to different parts of your personality. Though classic looks never fail, show a little personality by adding something unexpected that’s all your own, whether it be a vintage scarf, a brilliant brooch or a crazy pair of shoes. Each element tells a story that is uniquely yours.  Tap into different moods or interests of your distinct personality and work them into your look.  Beware of combining too many influences at once though, as you could end up looking confused or merely messy.

Look at the following examples of simple contrasts and how to mix them. 


Relaxed vs Tailored 

Pair a low-key and effortless loose-fit piece with a structured piece – an eternally cool mix.

Androgynous vs Glamour

Vamp up a men’s suit with a feminine blouse, silky camisole or nothing at all underneath.

Prints Vs. Blocks  

Stick to primary colours and punch it up with a bright block jacket or knit. For example, use only black and white prints with a hot pink statement piece. Otherwise, pair your busy print with a sharp blazer or cropped biker jacket. In each case, the blend takes on a different mood.  

Worn vs New

A new piece doesn’t mean a whole new outfit. The best way to ease into a new piece is to pair it with a favourite old piece first. It updates the past and gives the original a piece of instant credibility. 

Avant-garde vs. Minimalism

Complex shapes often look best in primary colours and simple pieces become slick in luxe fabrics. 

Feed your fashion habit 

The great thing about fashion is that it forces you to try new things, evolving your taste and your look. When you find a shape that works for your body, stick to it and update with colours and textures. Be fascinated by the trends but don’t feel pressured to buy in. Work on developing your look and use fashion as a tool to craft that look. Resolve to try something completely new and out of character each season. You may make a new discovery, or at least be in tune with of-the-moment fashion.


Enjoy being you and developing your own style.

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