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Article: The Most Popular Colour This Season

The Most Popular Colour This Season

The Most Popular Colour This Season

I am often asked how I select the colours of the season?  

It is true that I do follow the latest trends, but I also select colours that our clients love to wear, colours to go with our base wardrobe colours of black and white, and colours that have a meaning.


RED is the color of physical energy, passion, courage, power, will, and desire. The Root Chakra is stable and grounding. Red symbolizes energy, action, confidence, courage, and change. ... RED SPIRITUALLY EFFECTS: stability, security, grounding, courage, action, physical and emotional survival.


RED governs the BASE chakra situated at the base of the spine.

Wearing this colour will communicate vitality, courage and self-confidence.  It also represents courage, confidence, humanistic, strong-willed, spontaneous, honest, and extroverted. 

Red relates to self-awareness. It is the area of survival and stability and your place on this earth.  The colour red provides the power from the earth and gives energy on all levels. It connects us to our physical body. Everything that is to be commenced needs the life vitality of red.