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Article: Is Your Current Wardrobe Working For You?

Is Your Current Wardrobe Working For You?

Is Your Current Wardrobe Working For You?


Standing in your wardrobe looking for inspiration, you will probably notice you are wearing 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time. The scary facts are that if you had 100 items at an average of $100 each, this means that $8,000 was wasted and unloved, gathering dust in your wardrobe.

Add that amount up over 6 – 10 years! The worst part is you still have nothing to wear and don’t feel great about yourself. What would you rather be doing with this money, and how would you rather be feeling about yourself?

Can you visualise a wardrobe surrounded by clothes you love? Clothes that fit and are suited to all occasions in your life. Clothes you wear 80% of the time. You own a wardrobe full of mix-and-match outfits, such as the Reign Or Miley tops and Justice Pants. You have the confidence that these clothes suit you.

Having the right styles because you have received the right advice. Owning shoes and accessories to suit the outfits. Getting ready to go out is actually easy. You love going into your wardrobe because it will become a stress-free zone.

Your wardrobe is a key part of your self-identity and expression. Looking at what you are wearing gives others an understanding of who you are, how you present yourself, and how you may feel about yourself. If you have yet to ask yourself if your wardrobe is working for you, you may find that it needs some personal attention to revamp your look.

Maybe your style or body has changed, and you don’t feel as good about the items as you did when you first purchased them. If you resonate with this, investing in some quality basics to build a base for your new wardrobe is important. The Preston V Neck Relaxed Tee is perfect for dressing up or down with a pair of nice pants or comfy jeans. Once you purchase your basics, you’ll be ready to start building your new wardrobe.

You may also find that your wardrobe is full of neglected or forgotten items, or you’ve had a major lifestyle change, such as starting a new job or hobby. Items you once wore may no longer feature in your usual outfit rotation. Consider gifting these items to a friend or donating to charity to make room for a refreshed and versatile wardrobe where all items will be put to use.

Your wardrobe should be your ultimate source of self-expression and confidence. If you feel you need to be more energised with your current wardrobe, it may be time to reassess and switch up your look. Building a wardrobe takes time and effort but will leave you feeling more confident and happy in your own skin. Invest in quality pieces (our clients love our cotton knits) so that you can curate a timeless wardrobe that is completely versatile. By creating a whole new wardrobe that matches your style and lifestyle, you will feel empowered and confident from the day you get dressed.