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Article: Interview About The Inspiration and Adaptability Over 18 Months With Caz Rowland

Interview About The Inspiration and Adaptability Over 18 Months With Caz Rowland

Interview About The Inspiration and Adaptability Over 18 Months With Caz Rowland

The team at Kate and Co PR sat down with the founder of Cazinc The Label, Carolyn Rowland, to discuss the inspiration behind her Melbourne based label and how the business has grown and adapted over the last 18 months. 

What inspired you to start Cazinc The Label?

I worked as a fashion stylist for more than 15 years and struggled to find quality womenswear that was timeless yet affordable. My clients wanted classic, contemporary styles to mix and match and keep in their wardrobes season after season. They also shared my passion for slow fashion, quality garments made to the highest possible ethical standards. 

So, I launched Cazinc The Label in 2018 with a curated collection of trans-seasonal wardrobe staples designed to work for any occasion and celebrate every figure.

How has the rise of sustainability changed the fashion industry? 

Over the past five years, I have seen a drastic shift in how customers shop – gone are the days of snapping up the latest trend. Instead, the sustainability focus has changed consumer behaviour, with people making more considered purchases with the intent to last a lifetime. The world doesn’t need another fast-fashion brand, which is why we are committed to designs that don’t date and quality fabrics that are made to last. As a result, our customers can mix and match any CTL piece and return to them season after season. We aim to break this cycle of fast fashion consumerism and showcase to our customers what the lifetime value of a piece can offer you. Since starting the label, one of my proudest moments was being awarded the Best Ethical Label of the Year in 2021; I was so humbled to be recognised for all the work we are doing to ensure our label is as sustainable and ethical as possible.


What are the three things your client looks for when deciding on a purchase?

Timeless designs - that return season after season.

Considered tailoring – intricately constructed to celebrate the female form

Quality fabrics – eco-friendly fabrics that are made to last a lifetime


What was the most valuable advice you were given in your career?

You cannot be an expert in everything within a company. So surround yourself with people who you know will support you and make running a business easier. I do this by employing outstanding people who have a wide range of knowledge, and together we work well as a team. 


How have you navigated running a business during COVID-19?

COVID-19 has been interesting, but our team tried to embrace the situation rather than fight against the inevitable. We worked harder to increase our online presence by channelling our energy into socials and creating visually appealing content while also increasing our presence amongst our wholesalers. 

We also ensured all our clients received personalised styling and size advice over the phone or via email to provide our personal touch didn’t disappear just because we can’t currently offer our face-to-face services.