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Article: How You Can Create "Work From Home" Routine

How You Can Create "Work From Home" Routine

How You Can Create "Work From Home" Routine

Are you wondering how to be more productive at home, to create a routine that works for you? For many of us who are used to going to the office daily, being productive from home where there are many distractions can be a challenge.

It can be challenging to stick to a routine when you don't have the constraints of time and the habit of rushing out the door.

So the CTL team put our heads together to work out what we are going to do to be more productive and put it into five easy steps, so we all become more productive and use the time working from home wisely.

1. Commit To Set Hours

What are your regular working hours? Try to commit to these hours, which can be difficult with children at home, but if this is the case, try to set chunks of hours during the day and evening when children are asleep. We are committing to setting the alarm as per usual Monday to Friday, utilising the extra travel time to chores at home, but once the set time for work begins, the household chores are put aside until the end of the working day.

2. Look Good, Feel Great.

After a week of snuggling in at home, we have decided to now dress for work. We are getting up, doing our hair and makeup as per usual and dressing for success. When you look and feel professional, you are more professional. Slouching around in pyjamas, activewear or a dressing gown is not going to make you feel like you are at work.  

Dressing appropriately is an essential part of looking professional. It is among one of the major things most people think of when they think about looking professional, whether you go to the office or working from home.

3. Leave The House

One of our team members, gorgeous Nadia goes out to her car, sits in it for a minute, then walks back into the house as if it is now her office.  

Leaving the house for a coffee, a quick walk or sitting in the car like Nadia is a great way to change your way of thinking and get into your working headspace for the day.

During the day, try to be healthy and get some fresh air, even if you take a quick break mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Or sit outside for your 30-minute lunch break. A touch of vitamin D is perfect for your health and soul.

4. Be Organised

It's almost impossible to be professional if you are not organised. I have lists everywhere as I have so much going on, to get through and remember everything, I rely on these lists. Also, use a planner. Whether online or if you are old school or visual like me, have a planner on your desk so you can see what you have achieved and need to work on.  

Planning your time efficiently can be a huge stress relief and provide you with structure while working from home.

5. Create A Place To Work

Working from home doesn't mean working on the couch or in bed. To be professional, you need to create a workspace. Create an office atmosphere where you can remain focussed and comfortable; somewhere you feel efficient and maintains back support.

Set up at the kitchen table, or a makeshift desk in your office, a space that is for the purpose solely for work and nothing else.  

Set up this space like an office. Put in some plants, a whiteboard or pinboard filled with motivational quotations. Anything that makes it feel like you are at work.


Then at the end of the day, you will love how productive you have been so you can enjoy socialising via FaceTime or the new Houseparty, or join an online exercise class. We are all doing online matt pilates classes which we book in for and commit to participating.

The CTL team hopes this helps you to become more productive at home so you can get through this time, safely and happily.