Facts About The Best Selling Monroe Dress

CTL's Best-selling Monroe Dress was named after the famous female icon Marilyn Monroe. The Monroe dress is to become the new ultimate dress, like Marilyn's iconic white dress.
At Cazinc The Label, we constantly strive to uplift women and encourage them to do the same. As women ourselves, we know the daily struggles that come with our gender and fight against them every day. We refuse to fit into the stereotypes but rather thrive off creating new definitions for ourselves, encouraging others to feel comfortable in their skin.
The first step is feeling comfortable in your clothing. The next step is to feel comfortable in yourself, and once you are satisfied, you become unstoppable.
The Monroe dress has been so popular as it is not only highly comfortable and slimming, but the soft and luxurious cotton fabric feels like you are wearing a blanket.
We have restocked the beautiful Slade and Midnight Black colours and are pleased to announce a new chocolate colour.
Get in quick before they sell out again.
We would love to hear how you love you again with your CTL wardrobe.