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Article: Does Your Attire Affect Your Mood?

Does Your Attire Affect Your Mood?

Does Your Attire Affect Your Mood?

How has lockdown affected the way you dress for work, and is there a connection to your productivity level?

Do you feel just as productive on days when you wear activewear or stay in your pyjamas as you do on days where you dress business casual or smart-casual?

I feel more productive on days I dress more formally, even if it’s throwing on a blazer.

During the lockdown, we put the challenge out to many clients to see if their moods and productivity improved by getting dressed for work, even if they are working from home. According to “Fashion Is Psychology” getting dressed in the mornings can help you feel great, and by improving your self-perception, personal confidence and performance at work improve.

Twenty of our Cazinc The Label clients took on the challenge for two weeks, and they were blown away by the results. All twenty said they felt better about themselves, about being in lockdown and the productivity increased, because hey – who wants to leave their desk to go and do housework, washing or dishes while dressed up? Not only were the “home” temptations decreased, their behaviour to perform well was congruent with their careers.

And the best part is that all 20 of the CTL Challengers all have continued to dress the part for work, proving that certain types of clothing can influence our behaviour.