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Article: CTL - Our Point Of Difference

CTL - Our Point Of Difference

CTL - Our Point Of Difference

The most rewarding part of my career is styling clients with our team of stylists, online and in the boutique and seeing how amazed they are with how fabulous they look. As a stylist for over 15 years before starting the label, I loved styling women, but seeing how they react to how they look in my designs is more rewarding. We receive emails and messages daily from happy clients showing us photos of how incredible they look and feel wearing Cazinc.

Our incredible styling services is not our only point of difference.

What sets our brand apart is proudly supporting ethical standards and practices, CTL takes a strong stance against fast fashion brands and has localised the process of designing and creating clothing out of good-quality breathable fabrics. Furthermore, CTL makes every effort to ensure they continuously find solutions for more sustainable approaches to fashion design.

All our designs are 100% ethically made, and we proudly won 2021 & 2022 Ethical Label Of The Year via the Australian Enterprise awards. Plus, Australian Label of the Year in the UK Corporate Livewire Innovation & Excellence awards 2022 for our ethical and eco-conscious values. It was an honour, and I am incredibly humbled to win these awards.

We aim to encourage fashion purchase decisions with eco-friendly and sustainable practices in mind. Our focus is on minimal waste during production and using high-quality, breathable, ethically-made fabrics sourced from eco-conscious suppliers. We commit to continuously looking for improvements across the production and supply chain. We will continue to encourage consumers to take a green approach to fashion by investing in clothing that will last in style and integrity. Improving fashion can positively impact the tens of millions of people working directly and hundreds of millions working indirectly for the industry.