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Article: 3 Ways To Style The Abigail Blazer Dress

3 Ways To Style The Abigail Blazer Dress

3 Ways To Style The Abigail Blazer Dress

The Abigail Blazer Dress is a structured blazer dress with a 3-button closure. Slit detailing at the cuffs for a subtle design feature, paired with the double stitching down the sleeves. Shoulders are lightly padded, and the garment is completely lined. This item is one of our best selling items, which leads me to today's styling, a classic piece customers love to learn how to wear, and this will help you with online orders also.

The Abigail long line blazer is loved by all to wear as a dress or a blazer, or both. It is a slimline piece, so we advise you to go up a size, especially if you want to do it up as a dress.

Style 1: Blazer

In the first three images, you can see Nadia, Ali and I wearing the blazer over our matching Athena shorts ($99) which is a popular summer style. 

In picture four below, you can see I have worn it over our Pandora Blouse and Amber Pant.

Styling as a blazer is slimming as the long line of the blazer hides all hips and butts and only shows a centrepiece and hides many areas we don't want to show. Add a scarf to create more verticals around the tummy area for another slimming element.

Style 2: Add A Button Or Hook/Eye Combo

The Blazer/dress is styled to button up low. As many clients want to wear as a blazer only, we didn't add a high button or hook and eye, so you can do up lower as per my image, or up high like the image of Jess at the Caulfield Cup. So the option is yours, we love it when clients play around with our clothes to make it their own. Adding something simple like a hook and eye or button can change the whole style.

Style 3: Layering

If you don't want to wear as a dress alone, a popular style is layering over our wide-leg Victoria pants or as per the image above with Jess, or the image below with Violet, who looks gorgeous in white on white.

Another effortless style is to wear over the Isabella Dress as Caz wore to a wedding recently below.

So many options for one item, which can also be worn casually over jeans. Another item to dress up for events, wear to work or out to play.

So how are you going to style yours?