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Article: The 3 Key Ingredients To Dressing For Success.

The 3 Key Ingredients To Dressing For Success.

The 3 Key Ingredients To Dressing For Success.

Many will agree with me that there is more to dressing than just looking attractive.  How we dress daily is a reflection of our attitude and personality and not only influences how people may address us, it also affects our confidence.  You are more likely to act self-assured and lively when you look smart and gorgeous with your outfit than when you don’t. And of course, we love to be told that we look good, even in simple outfits.

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If you work in the public sector, own a business, or seek contracts, you may have observed that those who are neatly dressed and looking smart often attract more success than others; people that look good and smart every time tend to win promotions and contracts in their workplaces quite easily.  That’s how much looking good and getting it right with our outfits impacts on careers.  It is not always just that they are “lucky”.

If you are unsure that you can look smart and feel confident every day, I am here to tell you that getting the right dress code and matching your outfits in the right way isn’t very difficult to learn.  It’s all about knowing three simple basic rules in the fashion world: the "what," "how" and "where." 

To start with, you need to acknowledge your body shape to learn what style and type of clothes fit your body.  Then understand how to match your outfit, which includes knowing what colours suit you the most and learning to pair clothes with the right footwear, bag, sunglasses, and even hat, as well as identifying which outfit is best to wear each day to work, outings, and occasions. 

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 Once you’ve learned these three basic rules, you will become unstoppable, always look and feel confident in your choice of clothing and will begin to attract not only people of remarkable personality to yourself, but you will have success and luck finding you throughout this year and beyond!

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