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Article: How To Make A Triangle Body Shape Into An Hourglass

How To Make A Triangle Body Shape Into An Hourglass

How To Make A Triangle Body Shape Into An Hourglass

Even though Sally is happy in her skin (bravo) and says she is who she is, we loved the transformation of how Sally looked and felt coming into our headquarters. Sally is a superstar and is a perfect model for all women with the triangle body shape (which is the most common body shape) to balance out their bodies.

Screenshot 2019-02-20 15.58.10.png

Sally wanted to slim down her THT’s (tummy, hips and thighs) like many women, but she also sought to cover her arms. As I explain in the video, as we “mature” because we don’t age, women’s bodies naturally gain more fat cells in our extremities, hence why many women want them covered.

We loved watching Sally, who felt good about herself at the start, feel fabulous, as you can see in the following images, throughout her makeover.

Ensure you watch the video as there is a lot of helpful information for any woman with the triangle body shape and please share to other women. Unfortunately, not everyone feels great about themselves like Sally does, but we know once they begin wearing our label, they will look and feel fabulous, every day!

Note: Sally loved all the fabrics, but when I asked what the number one item was that she liked about the label her reply was how excited she was that she could buy pants that fit, especially around the waist, which is something Sally hasn’t been about to purchase for many years.

Here are Sally’s before and after photos and her video for you to enjoy.

Screenshot 2019-02-20 16.05.48.png
Screenshot 2019-02-20 15.54.19.png
Screenshot 2019-02-20 15.54.39.png
Screenshot 2019-02-20 15.56.35.png
Screenshot 2019-02-20 15.56.47.png
Screenshot 2019-02-20 15.57.06.png