Cazinc The Label Personal Styling Sessions

Our team know all our personal styling clients wardrobes, lifestyles, colours and body shapes so we can assist them with so many elements of their styling.

And the bonus is, because Caz designs the clothes, we know what is coming out with our brand for seasons to come, so you will be the first in the knowhow and we can assist your wardrobe with future seasons.

So how can you become one of our personal styling clients?

Come into our boutique for a style session, or we can organise online.


Women book for styling services for many reasons.

One of the most common reason is because of changing body shapes. These women want a styling session because they feel lost in their wardrobes and end up wearing the same boring clothes every day because they think “who cares anyway” and it all becomes too hard.

These women have wardrobes full of clothes but wear 20% of them 80% of the time. They also often avoid going out, especially to “glamour” events because they think they can’t look right.

These women often are the ones who walk around large shopping centres, spending money on items they don’t wear because they are restocking instead of shopping. The sales team parrot “Oh! It looks fabulous on you!” – but in your heart, you know, it isn’t the look you are after.

After styling sessions, your wardrobe changes. But so do you. I’ve found that clients begin to shine in all aspects of their lives, not only their wardrobes. They have gorgeous clothes to wear during the week rather than the boring uniform of sportswear. Their confidence grows. This often led them to leave more time for themselves or even start new careers. Their personal relationships grow because a simple change in clothes gives them more passion, inspiration, and creativity.


Caz has been a professional stylist for over 17 years, working with women of all shapes, sizes and colours. Caz is loved for her honesty. She makes shopping incredibly easy.

We have a team of stylists who work along side Caz who help women to design a wardrobe to suit their lifestyle and personal needs.

The styling session begins with an in-depth discussion. Together with you, we will explore different styles, your preferences, and what you already own in your wardrobe. She will then advise you on what you need to fill gaps in your wardrobe, as well as items which will suit your body shape, colours and lifestyle.

The best part (as we see daily) is that every client is thrilled with who they see in the mirror again! We have had many clients who have sold off their old wardrobes and now only shop with Caz, as our collections are made to be slimming, structured, and easy to mix and match.

Our boutique is 51 Rose Street, Essendon. If you can’t come in, we can chat to you via Skype or FaceTime. Get in touch:

Styling sessions are free with any purchase from our label.


I highly recommend a styling session with Cazinc The Label team! I totally love their clothes and felt I had a good understanding of what would work for me. However, being able to try things on and the Stylists ideas of how the pieces can be worn and fitted back in with your own wardrobe, was invaluable. They are clearly passionate about styling but they were not pushy and was totally honest. The clothes can be worn in a classic or more edgy style, depending how you piece it together. I realized what great investment pieces her clothes are. The cut and the quality will mean you can wear them for years. I walked out of there feeling more confident in my own look and excited how I can utilise my own wardrobe with Cazinc The Label's pieces. Many, many thanks! I really enjoyed my Styling Session.

We use only high quality fabrics that are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and ethical. We are focused on timeless designs with an exceptional fit to slim every shape.