The Most Popular Shoe Trend That Is Here To Stay

It seems the days of stumbling about in sky-high stilettos and nursing bruised and blistered feet are gone, thank goodness.

Women have been embracing the more practical block heel trends, one I have followed for many years.

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At Cazinc The Label, we are about designing clothes women can wear for years, and that is why we now sell Mollini shoes to go with our designs, and one of our favourites is the fantastic Jayman shoes. I have been wearing Jayman shoes for years, and I proudly state that my tan pair have travelled the world with me as they go with everything and are an easy way to dress up any styles. But not only this, I love the fact they are lace-ups so that they can be loosened with swelling feet.

“The moment the sun comes out, so do my Jayman shoes”

These shoes have been a best seller for Mollini shoes not only for a season or two but for years.

They pretty much walk out the door, which I know as we have only stocked them for a few weeks and have sold over 50 pairs.

So why are they so popular?

A lot of people don't like stilettos because they are uncomfortable. Block heels are very comfortable and they can take you from day to night. As I said, they are the first item to go into my suitcase when travelling because they go with anything, dresses, pants, it is just that shoe you can throw on with any outfit.

And while there are plenty of fashion trends come and go, it looks like the Jayman is here to stay, the heel often popping up on the cities well-heeled fashion crowd at social events.


But be warned, it's kind of like an addiction, you find as soon as someone gets one, they'll come back for a second or third pair in different colours as I have just brought home the beautiful navy Jaymans that hit our store on Thursday.

Jayman shoes are the most active selling shoe we have ever had at CTL, selling out two days after they hit our boutique in Essendon and the moment they hit the store again, they sell out.

Available in store or online.

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